Terms & Conditions

Effective Date: April 8,2020

Thank you for using Shopnaw. These Terms and conditions govern your use of the Shopnaw services, including Shopnaw’s website and mobile applications that are operated by Shopnaw and are entered into by you and Big Ben Express Limited (owner and operator of Shopnaw), a company registered under the laws of Ghana.

  1. Information and Exclusive Right

Big Ben Express Limited, Ghana, owners and operators of Shopnaw is a company incorporated in Ghana with the Department of Registrar general with corporate office at Ashikomli Street B7/32, N1 George Walker Bush Motorway Extension, Accra.

Shopnaw is licensed to use all content, features, functionality, information, elements, software design and layout published on the platforms. These are protected by copyright, trademark, intellectual property laws in the world.

You are given permission to use these materials in order to access Shopnaw for personal use. Any other use apart from personal use must be approved by Shopnaw through a written mail.

Shopnaw marks and logos, characters, elements are trademarks and proprietary to Shopnaw. It may be used within the terms permitted. All other trademarks, product names, company names, copy, slogan, design or logos are proprietary to Shopnaw. You are not in any way permitted to change, distort, remove trademark or other rights incorporated in Shopnaw offerings

  1. Purpose

Our goal is to connect you to the best in your community by partnering with vendors and give you access to order Items for delivery which forms our service. When you order from Shopnaw marketplace Shopnaw acts as a mediator on behalf of that Vendor to fulfill your order from our platform and to take care of your expectations and experience during the order process. Once you have placed an order to via the Shopnaw marketplace, your Items will be delivered to you by Shopnaw Personal Shoppers (Shopnaw Riders).

  1. Your Account

You need to open a Shopnaw Account (Sign up) before you can place orders via the Shopnaw marketplace. You may need a password or other secure logins such as social media account or google accounts. Your phone number will be verified before the process will be completed. All passwords and login details must be kept secret. You should not in any way grant access to another person your account details, in case such an incident occurs, you would be held responsible for any payment and losses.

You may decide to close your account by contacting Shopnaw using the contact details provided on the website. Shopnaw may close the account permanently if noticed that an unauthorized person has used the account or disable access. Shopnaw in its discretion may close your account when you abuse our services, making prank orders, credit and payment abuse, staff abuse, abusive complaints and any other reason Shopnaw deems fit. In an event of account closure, any credit due you will be refunded to you via an agreed payment option

  1. Vendors Are Independent

You agree that Shopnaw provides an online marketplace platform that connects you with independent vendors that provides product for sale on the platform. Shopnaw does not directly sell products to customers neither Shopnaw is in competition with these vendors selling on the marketplace. You agree that Shopnaw does own or retail the products or prepare food in case of restaurants and has no liability for any errors, abuse, omission by any vendor. Shopnaw is not responsible for the vendors' product qualities, food preparation, and safety and does not verify vendors' compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

You understand that products or food that you buy are made available and packaged by the vendor you selected. Shopnaw does not hold any ownership bit in any products you order via the Shopnaw marketplace.

  1. Communications


When you signup Shopnaw marketplace you are that Shopnaw and its affiliate may send you SMS at the mobile phone number you used to sign up. The messages may come in the form of marketing, promotional and operational messages. As far as you have consented to signup on the Shopnaw platform you agree to receive these text messages. If you change or deactivate the initial phone number you used at signing up on Shopnaw, you ensure to update your account detail to help avert communication with the wrong recipient. Standard data and SMS rates may apply when you send or receive such messages. Please contact your network provider.

Push Notification

You agree to receive push notifications on your Mobile device when you signup on Shopnaw.


Shopnaw may send promotional emails, operational emails, and other offers as well as emails of its affiliates. You can unsubscribe when you decide to.

Electronic Invoice

Shopnaw will send an electronic invoice of all orders you place on Shopnaw to your email you provided Shopnaw when signing up.

  1. Shopnaw Delight Services

Shopnaw's Subscription Service which is referred to as Shopnaw Delight is a subscription-based loyalty program. Shopnaw delight is a delivery membership that waives the delivery fee for all orders placed via the Shopnaw marketplace. You understand and agree that deliveries made through Shopnaw Delight are subject to the availability of the vendor's product. Restriction may apply when it is combined with other offers.

Shopnaw subscription is renewable at the end of the option you selected. Users can opt for a monthly service, 3 months service or 6 months services. Subscribers are entitled to free deliveries and other benefits including exclusive offers, deals, and packages. Details regarding this are made available by accessing your account details via the website or the Mobile App.

By default, your Shopnaw delight membership will automatically renew. The applicable membership fee shall be charged automatically to you at the time of renewal with an active debit/credit card on file in your account. You can change or update details in your account settings under the delight menu. You can cancel Shopnaw Delight any time within 14 days of your paid Shopnaw Delight and receive a refund of the fee you paid but only if you have not placed any orders using your Shopnaw Delight. If you cancel at a later you have already used the service you will not be entitled to a refund, but you can continue to enjoy the Free Deliveries through to the end of your billing period.

Shopnaw may change the terms or conditions valid to Shopnaw Delight on a timely basis. Any new or renewed Shopnaw Delight Subscription will be subject to the terms of the program operational at that time and displayed when you sign up for Shopnaw Delight. Shopnaw may also make such changes regarding the existing Shopnaw Delight Subscription. In an event like this, Shopnaw will provide you with notice when the new arrangement will be effective. If you disagree with the new terms and conditions to your existing Shopnaw Delight, you may cancel your subscription.

Shopnaw delight is not transferable. Shopnaw in its sole discretion reserves the right to accept, refuse or cancel your subscription at any given time.

  1. Your Orders

When you place an order via our marketplace, we are responsible to accept by Shopnaw or the Partner vendor by a confirmation. You will receive a confirmation notice.

The contract for the supply and delivery of the product you have ordered is effective when Shopnaw sends the Confirmation Notice. You are liable for the payment of the product ordered and delivery charges. You comply with these terms as far as you the one who initiated the order. Shopnaw in agreement with Some partner vendors operate a minimum order value policy which is displayed on the platform

All orders on Shopnaw Marketplace are subject to availability. In the case of food, Shopnaw does not guarantee that food prepared by partner restaurant is free from allergens. You may have to contact the partner restaurant to inquire of allergens in the preparation of the food before ordering via Shopnaw Marketplace.

  1. Withdrawal and Cancellation of Orders

You may cancel an order without any charge or penalty before it is confirmed and accepted by a Shopnaw personal shopper. With regards to the kind of service, Shopnaw provides, once a personal shopper has accepted your order it is regarded as a processing order and you are not eligible to withdraw from the request freely. You will be charged with a cancellation fee or penalty the entire cost of the delivery on the platform

Moreover, if the personal shopper has already bought your items ordered or has initiated service at the time of cancellation, you shall pay the full purchase price and delivery and return cost if the return is applicable. If the return is successful and Shopnaw has been able to receive the money-back it will be refunded to you but you shall still pay the delivery cost and item return cost. You should understand that the Shopnaw return policy is subject to the partner vendor's return policy. Shopnaw return policy makes it clear that food and other perishable products cannot be returned and as such charge you the item and delivery cost.

In an event you gave a wrong delivery address, you may enter a new address at the time provided it is within Shopnaw delivery zones, the order will be considered as a new order and you will be charged a new fee appropriately. If it is outside our operational areas the order will be cancelled with you bearing ensuing cost as stated in earlier in this clause

Cancellation of orders is at the sole discretion of Shopnaw and shall execute this without providing an impartial reason to the customer. In this regard, you are entitled to a refund of the amount you paid for the product.

  1. Delivery

When you place an order, you may receive your order within an hour or as soon as possible. Orders made to non-food categories may be delivered within 24 hours from the time the order was placed. You are responsible to be available at the delivery location to receive your orders.

We are committed to doing our best to fulfil all orders, unfortunately, things do not go as planned always. We are sometimes faced with heavy traffic and intemperate weather conditions. We do everything within our effort to notify you when there are delays when it is coming from our side and give you the option to cancel your order, but if you insist on having the order, we will work around the clock to make things right. In cases you gave us a wrong address, you didn’t answer our calls or were not available when the order was brought to your location you may be charged a penalty.

If it becomes necessary to change your delivery location after you have placed the order, you contact us to change it to the new delivery location before the personal shopper is dispatched and the new location is within our delivery zone. If Shopnaw cannot change the delivery location or cannot deliver to the new address you can cancel the order. However, if the order is food and preparation has been started you will be charged the full price of the order and if the personal shopper has been dispatched you will be charged for delivery.

You will bear the cost of the product and delivery in the event of a failed delivery if you caused such failure by not being available at the delivery address, did not answer the phone when personal shopper contacted you and the personal shopper refused to deliver because of age restrictions

  1. Pricing, Payment, and Promotion

Shopnaw has the right to adjust its delivery prices at any point in time without prior notice to you. All prices displayed on the platform are in Ghana Cedis. 

Payment for items is made to Shopnaw. Shopnaw pays its vendor partners at pick up of all orders placed vis Shopnaw marketplace. Payment can be made electronically or by cash to Shopnaw or Shopnaw personal shoppers respectively. For any information on the Shopnaw payment gateway, you can contact our customer support team at our contact page.

Shopnaw supports you by serving as the first point of contact for all payments made via the Shopnaw marketplace platform. Shopnaw is responsible for refunds, cancellations, chargebacks, dispute resolution primarily without you confronting Shopnaw partner vendor virtually or at their physical location. When there is a dispute Shopnaw is the first point of contact for you and the appropriate action will be taken.

If there are disputes with your order, contact Shopnaw customer care support by channels made available on the platform

Promotional Codes

It is prohibited for you to register severally in order to get an illegitimate benefit that contradicts Shopnaw terms and conditions. The promotional codes are subtractive. You may get to enjoy 1 promotional code per order. Shopnaw has the discretion to cancel promotional codes offered if it becomes aware of contradictions and fraudulent activities. You may be met with sanctions when Shopnaw is defrauded by this act.

  1. Tips

You are not under any obligation to tip or make any payment of gratuity to Shopnaw personal shopper in addition to the total cost of the order fulfilled. The personal shopper is 100% entitled to any tip they receive from you.

  1. Shopnaw Referral Programme

Shopnaw referral program is open to you once you sign up and place at least 1 order via the marketplace

You can simply share your unique number or link with friends or relatives aged 18 years and above. If anyone you have shared this number or link with place an order on the Shopnaw marketplace, Shopnaw will credit your wallet with GHC1.00. You can use this amount to make the payment on your next Shopnaw order. Shopnaw may decide to discontinue the Referral Programme at any time. Advance notice may be published on our website. Credit already in your wallet accrued through the referral program shall remain available for the period that will be communicated

  1. User Content, Ratings, and Reviews

The Shopnaw platform allows users to rate and review vendors and personal shoppers and vice versa. Shopnaw is committed to upholding a high level of integrity with our ratings, reviews and user content. Shopnaw considers ratings and reviews as user content and is governed by the terms, regarding your use of the marketplace platform. Shopnaw does not endorse ratings and reviews by representing them as the views of Shopnaw. Shopnaw is not responsible for any liabilities, claims or losses that arise from the application of ratings and reviews on the marketplace.

  1. Returns and refunds

In the case of food, once the food leaves the restaurant location intact and presentable and gets to the customer in an undesirable state. Shopnaw will bear all costs related to the order

Other products purchased via Shopnaw Marketplace can be returned within 24 hours if a product is unused, undamaged and in its original condition and packaging with all accessories and manuals.

All groceries and perishable products return will be subject to the sellers’ return policy.

In the case vendor packed the wrong product or packaged wrongly, the vendor will be responsible for replacing with the right order or refund the customer if they are not willing to wait for a replacement.

Return policy for all items purchased from any Sellers outlets via Shopnaw Marketplace;

  1. User Conduct and Forbidden uses

Shopnaw prohibits you from using the platform and its services in the following:

  • Services should not be used in a way that violates the laws of the state
  • It should not be used as a means of exploiting people
  • It should not be used to impersonate Shopnaw employees, other users or any other entity by using details gathered.
  • To engage in activities that restrict the performance of the platform
  • Use the platform in a way that could deactivate, overload, harm or interfere with the use of the platform.
  • Copy or manipulate contents and materials on the platform
  • Introduce technologically harmful material such as viruses, worms, trojan horses, etc. to the platform.
  • Try to gain illegal entry to disrupts any part of the platform, the server, computer or any data connected to the platform
  1. Copyright and Trademark Policy

Shopnaw respects proprietary right s of others and shall respond to such notices of infringement to terminate its usage. If any content made available on the platform constitutes an infringement of copyright you may send a written notice to Shopnaw. The content of the mail should capture such information on the details of the content with respect to ownership, source, location, contact information, payment receipts, in effect all that authenticate you as the owner of the content.  Contact Shopnaw immediately to resolve this issue

  1. Alcohol Transaction

All Alcohol transactions via the Shopnaw marketplace must adhere to applicable laws of the state. You must agree that you are of drinking age (18 years) and possess the right to buy alcohol. All alcohol transactions shall be verified on and before delivery. Shopnaw reserves the right to cancel a transaction when you do not meet the requirement

  1. OTC and Prescription Drugs

Shopnaw is not a pharmacy and that we do not make recommendations to when you make orders on the platform. You are responsible for the choice of pharmacy you place your order on the marketplace. Shopnaw does not provide any form of warranty to the quality of the prescription drug or the OTC drug or all other services provided by the pharmacy to you.

Shopnaw may support you to ensure that the pharmacy you have chosen dispenses the right product.

Shopnaw does not provide any medical advice, diagnosis or treatment you. You agree that there is no pharmacy-patient relationship or doctor-patient relationship between us regarding the use of the Shopnaw marketplace. We advise that you consult your medical practitioner or pharmacist in all health-related issues

You agree that Shopnaw personal shopper will verify you or your recipient's validity by identifying your age by any government-issued identification card. If someone receives on your behalf, they must ascertain their relationship with you.

No medicine delivered on Shopnaw is intended for resale or for the consumption of persons other than to whom it was bought

By using the Shopnaw platform to have a prescription based or OTC drug for a child or other member of your household, you guarantee that it is your intention not to use the medicine but instead deliver the medicine to the end-user for their consumption

Shopnaw does not accept any liability for the use of medicine ordered on the marketplace with regards to quantity, quality, and condition of the medicine dispensed by your chosen pharmacy.

  1. Indemnification

You agree to hold harmless Shopnaw and its stakeholders; directors, employees, and affiliate from and against any losses, cost, claims, damages, actions, including without limitation attorneys' expenses that may be incurred by an indemnified party relating to your user content, your abuse of the platform, breach of the terms or violation of applicable laws via the use of Shopnaw marketplace. Shopnaw at its own discretion assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter otherwise subject to indemnification by you in which case you will fully cooperate with Shopnaw

  1. Force Majeure

Shopnaw will not be held responsible for any failure or delay of performance of our obligations that is caused by events outside our reasonable control. The event includes but not limited to; errors, omission, accident, strikes lockdowns, riot, war, fire, explosion, earthquake, flood, pestilence, immobility, legislation, decrees or restrictions. Shopnaw performance under this agreement is considered to be suspended for the time these events persist.

  1. Third-Party Products and Content

Shopnaw is not responsible for any products, content, services, advertisement, offers or content that is provided by third parties and made available via Shopnaw Marketplace. If you engage Shopnaw in this regard you do so at your own risk and Shopnaw shall not be held responsible with regards to use or access

  1. Non-User third-party Content

Shopnaw may display content, advertisement, offers from Third parties via the platform. Shopnaw does not control or endorse third-party content and does not provide any warranty of such content regarding its authenticity, accuracy or completeness. You agree that you access and interact with third party content on our website, Mobil App, Social media platforms at your own risk particularly because Shopnaw does not monitor such materials and interaction.

  1. Platform Modification

Shopnaw reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue temporarily or permanently, the platform or any of its features, charges, delivery, and availability of products and services at any given time.

  1. Dispute Resolution

This is formalized and must be under the laws of Ghana and the mode of dispute resolution must be under an Independent Arbitrator whose final verdict shall be binding and final for all parties. Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of, relating to or in connection with this contract, including the breach, termination or validity thereof, shall be finally resolved by binding arbitration.

  1. Suspension and Termination

Shopnaw reserves the right to suspend or terminate your access to the platform and its services for any reason with or without your notice and without any liability to you. Shopnaw in its sole discretion may take appropriate legal action against you. This agreement with its provisions remains enforceable after your access is suspended or terminated and shall survive the suspension or termination of this agreement.

  1. Terms update

Shopnaw will update these terms from time to time. All updates will be posted here on Shopnaw's website and platforms. All changes apply with immediate effect. If you do not agree with the current version you may stop your use of the service.

  1. Contact Information

Ashikomli Street, B7/32, N1 George W. Bush Motorway Extension, Accra

P. O. Box 2108, Accra Central

Digital Address: GA - 528-0299

Email: ceo@shopnaw.com

Telephone number: 020 081 3291, 0302 422 721

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