Trust, Safety & Insurance

Shopnaw marketplace is built on integrity, Trust, and reliability:

Integrity: Committed to showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles evidenced by high ethical standards including accuracy of actions, honesty, co-operation, tolerance, and acceptance of obligations as well as rights, accountability to staff, Vendors, partners, the public and government.

Trustworthiness: To be entrusted by customers and partners. Commitment to goals and the willingness to embrace change. We commit to improving our operations as we seek our stakeholders' approval

Reliability: Demonstrating a strong resilience, sound and consistent character of quality. Simply delivering on promises every time.

At shopnaw you our customers are our main priority and your safety is our sole concern. So everytime you book a ride, a service or a delivery we ensure you get a safe experience always!
How? We have the profiles of all the providers thoroughly verified so as to ensure your safety is always maintained. However, in a situation where you may feel at danger we have a support team that you can contact and they take care of the rest or you can contact your close family or friends directly from the app itself and let them know the situation.

For our valued providers and your safety matters the most. Therefore we have made sure that when you use the app you are not sent to jobs to areas that may seem unsafe or having criminal history. Also you are pre-informed of the location you are going before you accept a request.
Also after any delivery, ride or service we make sure to take an anonymous and honest feedback to know the overall experience and improve it if necessary. 
 We have a very stringent insurance policy to ensure that the services you receive are 100% safe. So, we make sure to have providers who are thorough professionals and have their own Commercial Insurance. This way we make sure your safety and the safety of the providers also remains intact.

Delivery Workforce

Shopnaw delivery services team is verified via a thorough background check. They are properly trained concerning product delivery safety every month, have good hygiene and treat customers with decorum.

Vehicle Guidelines

Shopnaw delivery Vehicles and containers are kept in good working conditions and are free from offensive odors, tears, stains, waste, debris, pests, or any other materials that could contaminate or cause the deterioration of Products. 

Getting a safe delivery

Shopnaw is committed to keeping your orders and package safely. Our operations empower us to focus on your order safety before, during, and after delivery. The Shopnaw app automatically finds your location to facilitate doorstep deliveries to all customers.

Your order request is matched with a personal shopper. Customers can see their name, photo, and rating to ascertain who is delivering your order in time.

En route Safety

Both customers and vendors can track request in real-time so that you are informed on a timely basis the order delivery status. On Shopnaw you can monitor the journey to know when to expect the delivery.

Products Delivery Safety

Products are transported in compliance with product temperature requirement

Products are stored and transported in proper containers designed for cold and hot food

storage and transportation to prevent contamination and temperature variation that could cause food spoilage. Products that will be deemed injurious to the customer will not be delivered. In instances like this, products will not be allowed to be listed on Shopnaw marketplace.

Products are not removed from their original packaging until delivery is accepted by the customer. If Shopnaw is aware of any potential issue with the Product, including spoilage, variation, damage of packaging seal, the Products will not be delivered to the customer.

Product delivery is done without a mixture of food and non-food items from any marketplace order or vendor to the end customer.

Order Support

All Providers can be rated and reviewed after the request has been fulfilled. Every feedback about the service will be treated with privacy and in an ethical manner. Our response to feedbacks is to delight our customers every step of the way with topnotch customer service.

Our customer care and support team are equipped to respond to any order and delivery queries. They work around the clock to attend to concerns that arise along the process.

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